Artisan profile: Yolanda

Meet Yolanda. Many of the artisans we work with have been practicing their craft for their whole lives, but not all: in 2014 Yoli signed up for a weaving class at a community center near her home just north of Buenos Aires city, and when our facilitator/amiga De Origen popped in to see if there were any capable weavers available to help fill a huge order for woven blankets to be exported to the US, Yoli seized the opportunity. She stayed up late studying weaving patterns in magazines, watching Youtube tutorials, and practicing techniques. Before long, she was churning out blankets. Her determination to improve is admirable; weaving is a craft that many people practice for their own enjoyment, but it can be very challenging to turn it into a profitable pursuit.
Her path to working weaver aligns so closely with URSA's brand ethos of empowering women and protecting heritage through craft. Luckily for us, Yoli is very good and open to working with creative types. Yoli prepping the warp (above); looking around her vibrant patio/garden/outdoor work space at her home, which she shares with some of her children and grandchildren, several canaries, and a pig. Many thanks to Yoli and her granddaughter for inviting us to document their space, to Vanesa of De Origen, who works tirelessly coordinating dozens of artisans all around Buenos Aires, as well as our stellar sister/photographer Bridget, and of course little Nova Zara, who aside from being fine company, is very curious and very photogenic.